The Crosscloud Project

We have two interconnected goals:

  1. Make it easy to develop social software using only front-end development and respecting the rights and privacy of your users.

  2. Allow users the freedom to move among applications, hardware platforms, and social networks, keeping their data and social connections.

We're planning to release demo software and toolkits in the fall of 2013.

For more on the goals and impact, see our Knight Foundation Blog Post. For some details of our techology, see slides from a 2012 talk.

Getting Involved

Follow us on twitter (@crosscloudorg) or email and say how you'd like to be involved.

About Us

This project is being run by Tim Berners-Lee and Sandro Hawke. Tim is the W3C Director and a Professor at MIT, while Sandro is on the W3C staff at MIT. This is currently an experimental/research project, not W3C standards-track work.